Election Deniers and Tiffany Hunt Nielsen

County government’s most important job is running elections and counting votes honestly. Humboldt’s citizens take pride in our professionally managed, carefully non-partisan elections office. One candidate in this year’s race for Humboldt County “Clerk-Recorder-Registrar”, Tiffany Hunt Nielsen, is promoting the deed-recording function of the position rather than elections management. This is an issue, but a it is standard issue. The reason for this post is something different.

Ms. Nielsen answered many questions during the primary, and the one she failed to answer stands out: Who won the presidency in 2020? She gave no answer on one survey, and answered “the president” on another. She also declined to answer on the local TV Forum. Asked a month after the primary, she said she did not answer the survey questions because the questions were “leading” and her non-answers “factual” and “open to interpretation” based on one’s “political agenda” — but that Joe Biden won.

Every Biden voter I know would have answered “Joe Biden”, even if they were a candidate running for office, but THN repeatedly dodged the question. There are current, ongoing efforts by “election deniers” to take over elections offices across the country. Please take a moment to read this summary of my correspondence with Nielsen. My hope is it will help you cast a more-informed vote for the other candidate, a real pro and nice guy, elections specialist Juan Pablo Cervantes.

July 6, 2022 e-mails with candidate Nielsen

Greetings have been edited out.

1.    GC to THN:  A question came up on a blog regarding the answers you gave to one particular question on two separate occasions. I am hoping that by asking you directly, I can clarify some blog commentary with the truth. (Please note, though I endorse the other guy, I am not asking on behalf of anyone but myself). Both LOCO and NCJ asked who you believe won the 2020 presidential election. You replied “The President” to one and did not reply at all to the other. Please clarify: Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election? 

2.    THN to GC: I want to thank you for your candor in your email.  I truly felt that those questions were leading. I believe fully in the democratic process. I believe the current elected President is Joe Biden. The same as I believe George Washington was our first President. I consider the President of the United States an institution more than a person. You asked me a straight question. Did Joe Biden win the 2020 presidential election? My answer is YES. I was asked the question “who won the last presidential election?” by a former boss/colleague who I thought knew me well enough to understand that I am in no way an extremist. I answered her question “The President of the United States” because the person in the Oval Office is the person who won the election. Now I ask you, as someone with a different perspective, do you believe the questions as they were asked in those forums were leading? I consider my answer factual, which others chose to interpret in one way or another, to suit their political agenda.

3.    GC to THN: A sincere thanks for a quick and personally acceptable response*. Both publications seemed to be asking the same basic question, looking for acknowledgement that Biden won, in the context of a widespread attempt to say otherwise. However, your comments about the questions are well taken. LOCO and the Journal have credibility issues, their major function not being the news, but selling ads. I am sure you will have a good campaign. Thanks for not being an Election Denier (what a strange thing to say)*.

* I reconsidered email after six weeks of news regarding election denial campaigns. I think “acceptable” was the wrong word. I also see how pandering to a minority like election-deniers may be worse than being one. Mea Culpa. My concern has grown, resulting in this letter:

LTE to Eureka’s Times-Standard

Printed August 28 2022


Elect Juan Pablo Cervantes Humboldt County Clerk/Recorder and Registrar of Voters. He is likable, local and professional. I invite you to visit voteforjuanpablo.com to see some of his qualifications and endorsements.

If you are unsure, please consider that Tiffany Nielsen, the other candidate, dodged one very important question during the primary election. She provided no answer to news surveys at North Coast Journal and Lost Coast Outpost when they asked who won the 2020 presidential election. She answered other questions over a number of weeks, so it got me wondering, were these omissions accidental or intentional? Is she a so-called Election Denier who believes Trump won, or trying to appeal to voters of that belief, or was there some other explanation? 

So, on July 6th I wrote her a note and asked. By then we were six hearings into the January 6th Commission and a year and a half past Congress certifying the election. Her answer to me was “Joe Biden”. Then she stated she had not answered the survey questions publicly, during the primary election when it would matter to voters, because she considered the questions to be “leading” and her answers “factual”, neither of which seemed true to me. Please watch the mail for your ballot and cast your vote for Juan Pablo Cervantes. It’s about transparent, professional, non-partisan elections management. 

Greg Conners

Please forward this information. Write a letter. Above all, vote.

View endorsements and platforms here:
voteforjuanpablo.com and electtiffanyhuntnielsen.com.

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